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Recommended Products

This is a list of a few selected items I personally purchased, use, and love.

Portable Mylar Bag Sealer

image - Portable Mylar Bag Sealer

Portable Mylar Bag Sealer – A purchase that was difficult to get myself to make. It’s a luxury, really. I wasn’t having great luck with an iron or hair straightener, especially when sealing several mylar bags at once. You feel you’re in such a rush and it’s just awkward. So four years ago I invested in this mylar bag sealer and it hasn’t failed me a single time. Over four years later and it still works like new – after what I’m sure has been used over a hundred times. I have a complete review on this blog at Portable Mylar Bag Sealer Review (Catchy title, I know).

The 36″ Blackstone Griddle

Image - Blackstone 36" Griddle Review

The 36″ Blackstone Griddle – Okay, this isn’t cheap. I get that. I’ve been wanting a Blackstone Griddle for years, ever since I saw one of my customers cooking breakfast for his employees. I have a complete review of my Blackstone here: My Blackstone Griddle Review – Our First Anniversary

Comecase Battery Organizer Storage Case

Image - My Comecase Battery Organizer Storage Box Product Review

Comecase Battery Organizer Storage Case – I saw this type of battery case on Instagram and I knew right away it was right up my alley. I have no idea why it took so long for me to buy it. I am all about organization and a drawer full of batteries is the kind of thing that drives me crazy. I have one of the most complete reviews you’ve ever seen on this battery storage organizer at Review: Comecase Battery Organizer Storage Case.

3V Gear Paratus 3 Day Operator’s Pack

Image - Paratus 3 Day Operator's Pack

3V Gear Paratus 3 Day Operator’s Pack – I bought this pack over five years ago and I still use it today. Not as a bugout bag but it is always in use for one kit or another. Honestly, it’s a lower-end bag and I’m not sure why I like it so much. Well, I do love the detachable rapid deployment pack. That’s ingenious! And the quality. I’ve put this thing through the wringer. Seriously, hard training and multi-day hikes, and it’s still intact. Rough looking for sure, but still functional. See the full review right here on Next Step Survival: 3V Gear Paratus 3 Day Operator’s Pack Review and Winter Gear Dump.

ZeroWater Filter

Image - ZeroWater Filter In My Fridge

ZeroWater Filter – I did extensive research to buy the best water filter I could afford, which isn’t the Big Berkey. It’s been two months since I detailed everything here on Next Step Survival so I really need to write up a full review soon. I love the pitcher filter and we use it daily. There’s seriously a noticeable difference between the filtered water and what’s coming from our tap. I actually bought two ZeroWater filters, one for now and one in case of the SHTF.

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