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AquaDrum Water Purification System Review & Demo – Video

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This is my complete and honest review of the AquaDrum Water Purification System. The AquaDrum™ Water Purification System is a 55-gallon drum water filter with a Micro-USB rechargeable 5-volt manual hand-pump and a backup hand pump.

The Sagan Life AquaDrum™ Drum Filter & Pump Review & Demo Video

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Full disclosure, As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Also, I received this product for free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. That’s exactly what I give in this review, my honest opinion. Nothing less, nothing more.

AquaDrum™ Drum Filter & Pump Review Write-Up

Image - The Sagan Life AquaDrum Water Purification System

First, I want to mention that I’ve been working with Braden over at Sagan Life and they’ve been a pleasure to work with. My questions have been answered quickly and they’ve been very helpful. Sagan Life is also the company that offers the Kelly Kettle that I reviewed last month.

The AquaDrum 55-Gallon Drum Filter And Pump System

So, 55-gal drum filter and pump system. I like it. The AquaDrum Water Purification System plugs a hole in my preps that I’ve been thinking about for a while. That hole was a method of filtering and pumping my emergency water storage from our outside 55-gallon drums.

I’ve been looking at the Katadyn Pocket Water Filter but I’ve had cars that were less expensive and it’s more for serious thru-hikers. The AquaDrum filter & pump is perfect for preppers.

The USB Rechargeable 5-volt Pump Is A Game Changer

I have purchased several inexpensive hand-operated water pumps, as well as a couple of electric utility pumps but I’m excited about the rechargeable pump that comes with the AquaDrum™ Water Purification System. This is actually a new upgraded pump from the earlier versions of this system. I believe I was one of the first people to try this new pump and I like it a lot.

I say it’s a game-changer because, while an emergency SHTF disaster could quite possibly be in a grid-down situation, I now have an electric water pump that will still work for me.

I’ll still be able to use the USB rechargeable pump in an off-grid environment because I have a generator, inverters, and a solar-powered device recharging station.

That’s several ways to re-charge our pump and avoid hand-pumping our emergency drinking water.

Although, I think it’s still important to keep a hand-powered backup pumping method on hand. Apparently, so does Sagan Life because they’ve included one in their drum filter and pump system.

The rechargeable pump is made of food-grade plastic and stainless steel.

Side Note on Backups

I decided to buy a replacement XStream water filter and I’ve also been looking for another rechargeable pump to keep as a backup. (Preppers are ALL about backups).

I did actually find a similar pump made for 5-gallon water bottles but by the time I purchase the spare filter and another pump, I may as well buy another complete AquaDrum Water Purification System. So that’s what I’m going to do. I’ll have a complete drum pump and filter system as a backup.

The XStream Straw Water Filter For The AquaDrum Pump System

As I mentioned in the video, the XSteam water filter that the AquaDrum system uses is good for 250-gallons of purified drinking water.

Image - What the Journey Filter Removes

While 250 gallons of water doesn’t sound like a lot, it’s about five 55-gallon drums of water. Keep in mind, you’re probably not going to need to filter water for cleaning, bathing, and some of your cooking.

Sagan Life filters are tested by independent water laboratories using an “End of Life” method, meaning until they quit working. They state 250 gallons but until the filter no longer works, we can’t know EXACTLY for how many gallons it is effective. In other words, ‘At least‘ 250 gallons.

The water filter is high quality. Independent lab testing shows the filter removes:

99.9999% Bacteria
99.99% Virus
99.99% Protozoa
99.5% Lead & Heavy Metals

Without getting all detaily on you, XStream Straw Water Purifier uses The Journey Nano Fiber filter. That’s why this filter also removes viruses, which are smaller than protozoa and bacteria, that most filters are limited to.

No moving parts to break or fail, so the filter can be dropped or frozen without damage.

Sagan Life

In the video, I mention we should keep filters from freezing while wet. I still stand by that statement but it looks like freezing won’t kill the XSteam water filter. Even so, I’ll be keeping mine indoors.

Pros & Cons – My Honest Opinion

Pros – Pros are easy. The quality is a pro. The rechargeable pump is an ‘Out of the Park’ pro. I really like the quick disconnects for the tubing so that’s a pro. The system is well thought out and compact. Pro.

Cons – Not many cons really. While the hand pump is adequate, I’d like to have seen something a little better. I wish they offered the USB rechargeable pump as a stand-alone product but we can’t old my wishful thinking against them.

Should You Buy The AquaDrum Water Purification System?

You already know my answer. It depends. If you need a drum pump and filter for your emergency water storage, then yes, I recommend this kit by Sagan Life.

If you’re not ready for bulk water storage, I’d probably hold off on something like this and work on storing emergency water in smaller containers for now. I would recommend you look into a portable water filter for your get-home and bug-out bags, as well as a water filter for your home.

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Stay safe. Stay prepared.
Hawkins Out.

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