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Review: Comecase Battery Organizer Storage Case

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This is my honest review of the COMECASE 148 Battery Organizer Storage Box/Carrying Case. I personally purchased and used this battery organizer. As with all of my reviews, it’s something I use myself – firsthand.

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A Battery Organizer – Is This Really Survival Gear?

I wanted to address this upfront. First, I review gear and gadgets. That may mean survival gear, or it may mean gear for prepping. It might even be something that I find so convenient that I just had to share it.

A battery organizer is survival gear because it is a useful piece of kit for prepping.

A Battery Organizer Is A Prepping Tool

Like everyone else, I had a “battery drawer.” I wish I had thought to snap a photo of my old battery drawer before I organized the batteries, but I didn’t know I’d be writing a product review on it at the time.

It was a messβ€”heavy batteries of all types rolling around like a game of marbles. Marbles were actually a thing when I was a kid.

I tried various plastic cases, but most of them were in my various packs, where they still live. For the most part, I tried to keep many of the batteries in their original package.

Anyone that’s seen my Prepper Pantry Tour knows I’m big into the organization. Or my device charging station or blackout kit. I HAVE to stay organized, or I feel uneasy.

The Best Prepping Inventory Tools Are “In Plain Sight”

As I showed in Prepper Pantry Plain Sight Inventory System, the best inventory method FOR ME is plain sight. Inventory apps, sheets, databases, well, no, thank you.

The COMECASE battery organizer storage case lets me see exactly what I have and what I need. For example, I didn’t realize I had that many 9-volt batteries. I actually bought more 9-volt batteries for last week’s time change to replace our smoke and CO2 detector batteries. It turns out I already had plenty.

Even though I have over 30 AA and 20 AAA batteries, I want more in my preps. I also have plenty of rechargeable batteries and batteries in my packs, but those are for another article someday.

Image - Note Icon
Quick Note:

My Opinion Before I Get To The Actual Review

Even though I’m talking nicely about this product, I do not think everyone should consider buying it. I’m not here to tell you what to do, but I will always tell you what I think.
I think if you have less than a three-month supply of food, water, and supplies, things like a battery organizer might be better placed on a wish list for later – after you have a better handle on more essential preps.
If you struggle with finances and live check to check, this may not be the perfect purchase for you right now.
If you don’t have an emergency fund, this may not be the right time to buy something like a battery organizer.

The Main Event – My Product Review

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Thank you for your support. Purchasing through my associate links costs no more and are the very same pages on Amazon. It just shows I recommended the product. 🀝

My COMECASE Battery Organizer Storage Box Product Review

Image - My Comecase Battery Organizer Storage Box Product Review
My Comecase Battery Organizer Storage Box Product Review

Brand: Comecase
Asin: B07GSLW9CM | Model: 6543877185 | MPN: 6543877185 | Ean: 0634759470748 | UPC: 0634759470748 | ePID: 22031379050 | Part: 2019AJWZKLQ

Now that I explained why we might want a battery organizer and why I’m reviewing it let’s get on with the review.

Comecase Battery Organizer Storage Case Review

This battery organizer has a well-thought-out design and is well-built. Batteries fit snugly and stay secure when the case is zipped closed.

Brian Hawkins

Image - My Comecase Battery Organizer Storage Box Product Review
Quality Rating
Durability Rating
Storage Capacity
Overall Rating

Product Review Summary

The ideal product for organizing that messy drawer of batteries. Inventory your batteries at a glance with this storage case.


The Case

The case itself is solid. I mean, it isn’t solid plastic. It just feels solid. The case outside cover is an HQ EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) material that you see in some children’s furniture, puzzles, and durable toys.

Inside/underneath the case top are four pockets nice for storing flat items such as notes, blister packs, and button/coin size batteries in small envelopes.

The Zipper

While it doesn’t appear to be YKK zippers, the flexible zippers do look sturdy enough. I haven’t had any trouble, but honestly, the zipper is a potential weak spot.

Image - Comecase Battery Organizer Storage Case Zipper
Comecase Battery Organizer Storage Case Zipper

The Foam Battery Organizer

The removable foam insert comes with pre-cut holes for the various batteries. You will need to “pop-out” the plugs exposing the battery cutouts.

Image - Battery Organizer Removable Foam Insert
Battery Organizer Removable Foam Insert

In total, the “large” case holds 148 batteries. That’s the size battery organizer case I bought, so that’s the size I’m reviewing. The case currently comes in six different sizes/variations.

image - Battery Organizer Cutout Diagram
Battery Organizer Cutout Diagram

The foam cut-outs go all the way through. I dropped it this morning trying to get my featured image photo and was pleased to see only a couple of D-size batteries flew out of the case. The entire foam insert with the batteries came out of the case, but most of the batteries stayed intact – saving me the trouble of putting it all back.

Battery Case Dimensions

For me, the large battery organizer’s case dimensions are perfect to fit in the same drawer I had all the batteries primarily loose. The case dimensions I have with the number of batteries I have stored for the moment are L 9.5″ x W 13.5″ x D 3″.

Image - Battery Case Dimensions
Battery Case Dimensions

Odd-Sized Batteries

Many of us preppers fell into the CR123 and 18650 battery craze when buying gear a few years ago. I’ve since tried to reel things back into the AA and AAA batteries, for the most part. This is for better availability when things get scarce.

I also like the USB charging option on most modern devices and battery-driven gear such as radios and flashlights.

Image - Odd-Sized Batteries

With that said, I still have a few of those odd-sized batteries lying around.

As you can see, I can easily get eighteen (18) CR123 batteries into the case without touching the AAA or AA battery spots.

Regarding the 18650 batteries, you can fit a few in, but you will need to use up spaces designed for other batteries.

The height of the 18650 battery, about ΒΌ inch taller than a D-size battery, isn’t a problem. The case closes just fine.

The 18650 fits VERY snuggly in a AA slot and very loose in a C-size battery slot. None of it’s ideal.

Product packaging / Shipping

I purchased the Comecase Battery Organizer through Amazon. It took just two days from the time I ordered to delivery. I’m in SE Michigan – location and availability affect delivery times so that may not be typical.

Image - Product packaging / Shipping
Product packaging / Shipping

The product arrived intact without damage. It was shipped in an Amazon shipping bag. The battery case was enclosed in a zippered clear plastic pouch and wrapped in a clear plastic bag.

Product Warranty

My Amazon order details showed it was “Return eligible” for thirty days.

I can’t find a manufacturer’s website or warranty, although their products are offered on Amazon, Walmart, eBay, and Sears.

Amazon Rating And Reviews

At the time of my review, the Comecase Battery Organizer has 10,298 ratings with 4.7 out of 5 stars. It also has a ‘B‘ Fakespot rating. I give it 4.8 stars.

Out of the Amazon reviews, from a glance, it seems that the biggest complaint is the battery tester, other than shipping issues. I agree, it is cheap, but it is also quick and easy to use. Personally, I didn’t purchase the case for the tester.

Other complaints are the handle is on the wrong side, which I don’t get and is too expensive. It’s under $25 at the time of this review.

Overall Product Review Score – Pros And Cons

βœ” Super easy storage and organization.
βœ” Easy “In plain sight” inventory.
βœ” Nicely designed and well thought out.
βœ” Batteries are held snuggly, and when closed, everything stays put.
βœ” Swift shipping.
βœ” Thirty-day Amazon returns eligible.
βœ” Room for an additional 18 CR123 (Or similar)batteries.
✘ A little expensive.
✘ Little flexibility as to size and number of batteries.
✘ It’s made in China.
✘ Not 18650 battery friendly.
✘ Low-end battery tester.

After using the case for a while, my overall impression is it’s a quality product, and I would repurchase it if I lost this one.

Other Battery Organizer Options

The last thing I want to mention is that there are many different options for battery organizers. The Comecase happens to be the case I chose and purchased.

I’m seriously thinking about buying the Ontel Battery Daddy 180 Battery Organizer. Not as a replacement but as a second organizer for a BOL. I just added it to my Amazon wishlist. We’ll see if it goes on a Lightning Deal now. Just a little trick of mine. It’s still a nice deal at twenty bucks, anyway. I’ll get a review out on it as soon as I’ve had a chance to buy and test it.

Stay safe. Stay prepared.
Hawkins Out.

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