Survival Podcasts I Listen To

Updated: 9/24/2017 04/04/2020 07/15/2023

A short list of my favorite survival podcasts that I listen to. There are others, I’ve tried many, but time is at a premium right now. I’m down to just three podcasts in my catcher app that is set to auto-download.


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The Most Forgotten Prepper Task

The Forgotten Prepper Task is Jeff’s second guest blog post. He’s going to remind us of the one thing busy preppers most often forget. And it’s about as important a prep as we can do. I’m guilty of this missed prep as well. Can you guess what it is?


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MAG Leadership – Managing Your MAG (Mutual Assistance Group)

In this article, Jeff B. offers spot-on advice on the leadership required for setting up a MAG (Mutual Assistance Group).

I want to welcome Jeff to Next Step Survival and thank him for being a contributing author. I’ve known Jeff for about a year and a half within a prepper group we belong to, and he has earned respect from all of us in the group.


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The Prepping Dilemma. Preppers Will Be Overrun – By Family And Friends When SHTF

I’ve been blogging for 14 years so I know what I want to achieve when I write a blog post. I failed miserably with this one. The Prepping Dilemma.

You see, there’s no solution here. Nothing I can teach. In fact, I doubt this article will help you at all.  How’s that for marketing? 🙂

I wrote this post for myself.

I debated for weeks whether or not to even publish this. It’s too long. It’s full of questions and has no concrete answers. I did zero SEO (Fellow bloggers that know what that means) and don’t even have a keyword or phrase to focus on. No, it was just me typing away trying to get my mind to wrap around a huge dilemma that’s been bothering me for years.


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