Building A Blackout Kit

Thinking about building a blackout kit? In this article, I’ll go over some of the preps we have in place to make life a little more bearable when the power inevitably goes out.

This is the second and final post in the two-part series of – Building A Blackout Kit. See part one here: An Emergency Generator.

I believe all of us have had the power go out where we live. Even a completely self-sufficient person living off the grid (Which I am not) will likely face a power failure at some point. Part of being prepared includes being ready for the juice to stop.


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An Emergency Generator – Building A Blackout Kit – Part 1

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In part one of this two-part blackout kit series, A Basic Emergency Generator, I want to cover what I know about using a generator for the temporary but inevitable power outage.

The key phrase there is “What I know“. In other words, using a basic gas-operated emergency generator. Period. That’s what I have and use. Not a solar generator, whole house, or even an inverter generator.

While all of those sound like fantastic ideas, I want to stick to blogging about what I actually have experience with.

What you’ll get here is my story, what I learned, and how I think I can improve my own situation. Maybe that will help you. So here we go:


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