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Potential ‘Cyber Pandemic’ Warnings Are Here (W/ Videos)

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This is a short post with two videos to alert you of a potential cyber pandemic (hackers/ internet virus) and how badly our leadership (our governments) might handle something like that.

First is an eleven-minute video of Candice Owens asking the question,

What would you do if they brought the power grid down? And by that I mean, the government purposely brought the power grid down?

Candice Owens

The second video is a very short (one-minute) video with Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum – warning of potential ‘Cyber Pandemic‘ cyber attacks.

I’ve been following Candice Owens just a little bit (here and there) for a few years now because I like what she has to say on many topics. These are political topics and cultural ideas – never prepping, survival, or anything you might find here on Next Step Survival. Until now!

I found this video by accident while surfing around on Odysee and wow, I was excited when someone from my cultural/political playlist started talking about grid-down survival.

Candice Owens On A “Cyber Pandemic” And Her Thoughts On Being Prepared

Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum Warns Of ‘Cyber Pandemic’ Attacks

Here’s another one from the WEF: A cyber-attack with COVID-like characteristics?

I’m not posting these two videos to scare anyone into panic or to insinuate that our next SHTF event will be a cyber attack. Personally, I’m betting on a more immediate event that’s written all over the walls – right now today and that is high inflation, food shortages, and a worldwide recession.

Just like what I was asking at the beginning of the covid pandemic, I’m asking now,

Can you think of a better time to hit America when she’s already down on her knees?

Brian D. Hawkins

I’m not paranoid, I just believe in reality and understand the benefit of becoming prepared.

My advice?

Make sure you can feed your family. If you have, say six months of food and supplies and have the means to work on solar power, generator, or other energy preps, I would encourage that – but not any more than I would a year ago, two years ago, or even five years ago. That’s because it will always make sense.

At the very least, keep everything important on your computer backed up on a physical drive.

“A single day without the internet would cost our economies more than $50 billion, and that’s before considering economic and societal damages should these devices be linked to essential services, such as transports or healthcare”

— World Economic Forum – January, 2021

One last thing, I don’t think Klaus Schwab or World Economic Forum is an authority on something like a Cyber Pandemic, or anything else for that matter. I don’t think we should trust a single thing these people are trying to do. Without getting too political, I think Schwab, Gates, and other unelected globalists, along with the WEF are the problem, not some kind of answer.

I’ll leave it there, without even mentioning “The Great Reset.” 😧

Just another thing to keep on your radar.

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Stay safe. Stay prepared.
Hawkins Out.

Pinterest Image - Cyber Pandemic Warnings
Cyber Pandemic Warnings

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  1. Chip

    Great article. The video will hopefully wake some people up!

    1. Brian Hawkins

      Thanks, Chip. Now I need to wake up and pay attention when I get comments. 😉

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