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Dehydrating Green Onions – From Our Garden To The Prepper Pantry – Video

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Dehydrating Green Onions – In this post, I decided to hit record as I took the last of this season’s green onions from our garden to dehydrate them for use throughout the winter months.

As with most content on this website, I just go through my days as a prepper, and, sporadically, I decide to turn it into a shared experience with you, my community.

I’m super happy to have you tag along as I say good buy to our backyard garden and kick up our preparedness mindset to survive another cold Michigan winter with a little more self-reliance than the last.

Dehydrating Green Onions Video Notes

Image - Dehydrated Green Onions

Dehydrating green onions (also known as scallions or spring onions or sibies) is one method of food preservation that can expand some of your summer garden vegetables through the winter without needing electricity.

Growing Green Onions

As I mentioned in the video, I generally buy green onions just once a year. I buy a few bundles, cut the tops off, and use them. Then I plant the bottom with the root bulbs, and I’m set for the summer. Between dehydrating and freezing the green onions in the late fall, I’m set for the entire winter.

Indoor Herb And Vegetable Garden

Image - Indoor Garden

We keep a tiny indoor garden each winter, but I haven’t grown green onions in there yet. I’m sure they’re very easy to do so. It’s hard to go wrong when growing something as simple as green onion. They are very hardy and easy to grow.

What If I Don’t Garden?

Even if you don’t garden at home, it might be worth buying fresh vegetables from a local farmer’s market and dehydrating those vegetables and herbs. If you use green onions on a regular basis in your cooking, dehydrating green onions is something to consider. I also like freezing green onions, but nothing compares to fresh.

How To Re-Hydrate Your Dried Green Onions

Rehydrating your dried vegetables, including green onion, is super simple. If I’m using them for something like a soup or stew that will simmer for a while, I just add them to the pot – just as I did in this video I recorded on How To Re-Hydrate Dried Mushrooms.

If I need green onions (Or any dried vegetable) rehydrated before adding them to a dish, I toss them into a microwave-safe dish, cover them with warm water, and microwave on high for a few minutes. Then I let the dish set for a few more minutes and soak up some water.

πŸ”— Items Used Or Mentioned In The Dehydrating Green Onions Video

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

πŸ“‘ Sidenote: Parsley & Chives Update: The parsley came out great. It’s ground up and in a tiny jar, ready to be added to a dish. The chives look alright but have lost almost all of their smell and taste. I ground those up as well. I’ll still use them, even as mild as they are.

Image - Chopped Dried Parsley

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Next Step: How To Start A Prepper Pantry – Updated w/ Video.

Stay safe. Stay prepared.
Hawkins Out.

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What? Are You Still Here?

Okay, fine. Listen to Booker T. Jones’ Green Onions Live from Daryl’s House.

Now go get your prepper pantry started or take it to the next level. Go on, git.

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