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What’s In My Get Home / SHTF EDC Bag? 2016

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Do you carry an EDC Bag? One thing that is in continuous change for every survivalist and prepper I know is our EDC (Everyday Carry). What we carry everyday changes with the seasons, our locations, our budget, our tasks at hand, and honestly, our moods. Hell, I’ll even admit mine can change drastically just by the latest toy, Umm, I mean gear I just bought.

Hey, there’s a more recent version of my EDC Bag if you want to see it:
My EDC Bag / Get Home Bag 2020

Everyone has different needs and carry things that are very often unique to themselves and their situations. I think that is why it’s so fascinating to watch video after video on YouTube where others share what they keep in their pockets, their go bags, bug-out bags, 72-hour packs, get-home bags, their INCH Bag (I’m Never Coming Home Bag), and in my case today, my get home because the SHTF EDC bag.

What IS an EDC Bag?

Real quick, I want to clarify exactly what my get home SHTF EDC bag is. It’s a tote (range) bag in the summer and usually, grows into a small backpack in the winter. This bag goes with me everywhere – every day. I set this bag up as a local “Get-Home” bag. “Local” meaning no further than 20 to 25 miles. Anything further than that and I take a larger 72-hour pack.

So this bag is not a bug-out bag. It’s just an assortment of everyday survival gear that might possibly help me get to my family in case of an extreme emergency where I have to drop what I’m doing and get home ASAP – even if a vehicle is not an option.

What’s Inside My EDC Bag?

Okay, in the video I go over everything I carry in that bag today. It may change tomorrow and will certainly change very soon. I’m a card-carrying Amazon Prime member and I can burn holes in the shopping cart. 😉

Here’s a text list for your convenience of the items mentioned. I will link to some of the gear and please be advised some of the links are Amazon Associate (affiliate) links. It doesn’t cost you a penny more but I may earn a nominal commission when you make a purchase using one of these links. Thank you in advance for your support. 🙂

Here’s the list:

50′ Titan paracord
Nite Ize Figure 9
Streamlight 69220 TLR-3 Weapon Mounted Tactical Light for my Glock 19
Hardy Mechanic’s gloves
An assortment of protein and energy bars
Insulated Waterproof Lunch Bag Storage Picnic Pouch
Cutter Insect repellent w/ DEET
Merino Wool Hiking & Walking Socks
Knife sharpener
Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Serrated Knife
Military Shemagh Tactical Desert
Camouflage Bandanas
Doo-rag – skull cap
Microfiber Bath Towel by Ascent (It’s actually cheaper to but this towel with the waterproof bag)
2 tactical flashlights (Upgraded to UltraFire SK68 300LM Flashlights – cheaper and brighter)
Spare keys on carabiner (I cannot help promote this piece of junk)
Kershaw spoon and fork
Rite in the Rain All Weather Tactical Pocket Notebook
Plastic utensils
One Wipe Charlies by Dollar Shave Club
Lens cleaners
Bluesim 10,000mah Portable Dual USB Charger
3 Small 3350mAh Portable USB Chargers
Emergency Mylar blanket
Platypus Soft Water Bottle with Push-Pull Cap
Toilet paper
LifeStraw Personal Water Filter
Knot tying practice rope
Assorted First aid gear
AA batteries
AAA batteries
Cyalume SnapLight Yellow Light Sticks (Chemlights)
Life Gear Red Glow Stick
325S Tactical Survival folding knife (Sold by TRS Direct / Fight Fast. Be VERY careful if you order anything from these guys – read all the fine print)
Garmin 64st hand-held GPS
Assorted mobile adapters and cords
Nikon Coolpix camera
Extra 9mm magazine with critical defense rounds
Home and auto USB phone chargers
Spare replacement boot laces
Carmex lip balm
Hand sanitizer lotion
Bluetooth earbuds
Corded earbuds
Magnesium fire starter
Light My Fire Swedish FireSteel
BIC lighter
Tiny screwdriver
Large and small nail clippers
Aluminum foil
Second wallet
Spare eyeglasses
Windup light and radio (Mine is FM only – not recommended. Look for something with AM/FM and NOAA Weather.)
Lensatic sighting compass (Not bad for the money and much cheaper than the $70 U.S. Issue Mil-Spec Tritium)
Spare change
Gerber Suspension multi-tool

Things mentioned but not in the EDC Bag

I thought I’d list a couple of items I mentioned on the video that are not carried in my EDC get-home bag. First, I showed the pants I was wearing – several times. Strange, I know, and I didn’t plan on doing that. LOL Anyway, those are Tactical pants by LA Police Gear.

The other item, which I like a lot, is my Trayvax wallet. The one I carry is the Trayvax Axis – OD Green Cerakote but there are several models and many different colors and options. They are not cheap but I just love the quality and designs.

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