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Email News Options: The News I Follow VIA Email

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I will list many email news options I’ve subscribed to in this article. This is a follow-up piece to the article, How To Stop Falling For Agenda-Driven News Reporting – Finding Reliable News Sources I published a little over ten months ago, in June of 2022,

These are news-oriented and commentary emails I’ve subscribed to. I’ve been trying out different email news subscriptions for a few years and will share them here.

By the way, I feel one more ❛News Options❜ article coming soon. It will be News and Alerts For The Modern Day Prepper… or something to that effect. Today, it’s a mix of traditional and alternative news, opinion, and commentary.

NOTE: I’m ‘testing’ email subscriptions (For you and myself) and will eventually eliminate many. These email subscriptions generate a lot of emails, so I recommend trying one or two at a time. Also, remember that most of these services also send sponsored emails or embedded ads, which adds more to your inbox.

Also, while I don’t consider myself on the left or right of the political spectrum, many of these email ‘newsletters’ tend to lean right. I’m not on the right, but I’m especially NOT on the left.

Email News Options I Follow VIA Email

My ‘Featured’ Email News Options List

Ground News Bias Distribution Example
Ground News Bias Distribution Example

Ground News: At the top of the list has to be Ground News. It’s not free, however. I pay $29.99/year for the Premium subscription, but there are two other levels and optional monthly plans.

I have subscribed to a few Ground News emails—

Ground News Article Rating Example

I think the best part of Ground News is the rating system they use and supply for each report covered. So you get an idea of bias based on partisanship, factuality, and ownership. It’s far from perfect, but it gives a nice jumping-off point when deciding which source to read.

The last thing I’ll add about Ground News is I get options, in many cases, beyond the typical paywalls. However, I wish Ground News would improve on its markers that are supposed to identify which stories are paywall protected.

1440 Daily Digest Banner

1440 Daily Digest: Next is 1440 Daily Digest. This is a very popular daily email consisting of brief descriptions and links to various news topics.

Because 2.3M people trust us to be unbiased as humanly possible. Our readership spans the political spectrum, with roughly 33% affiliated with the left, 33% with the right, and 33% as independent.
1440 Daily Digest

I skim 1440 Daily in a few minutes or less and almost always find a link or two of interest.

As best I can tell, the 1440 Daily Digest is fair and bi-partisan.

1440 Daily Digest is free.

Just The News Banner

Just the News Daily Newsletter: (Newsletter sign-up box above the header): I’ve only subscribed to Just The News Daily Newsletter for a few months, but it’s already become one I click on first. I’ve found the news reporting just that – reporting.

JusttheNews.com tries to stand out by returning to the bedrock promise of getting news first, but first getting it right.

Just The News

I don’t see the traditional journalistic news investigation pieces we were accustomed to years ago, but that ship has sailed. Reporting is the best we can hope for these days, and Just The News is pretty good at that.

The Blaze Banner

The Blaze: Now we’re getting into that right-leaning news I mentioned. I’ve never been a fan of Fox News. It’s just another side of the same biased propaganda, as far as I’m concerned.

That’s probably why I never watched or listened to Glenn Beck before I read his book (I highly recommend), The Great Reset: Joe Biden and the Rise of Twenty-First-Century Fascism(Aff link) (AudibleAff Link).

That book caused me to listen to The Glenn Beck podcast and opt into The Blaze subscriptions.

After you subscribe, five different email options are available under the “Manage your preferences” link at the bottom of each email.

  • TheBlaze Daily PM
  • TheBlaze Weekly
  • Breaking News
  • Announcements
  • Exclusives

So far, I have subscribed to all except the Exclusives subscription. Exclusives are sponsored emails; I already have many sponsored emails to weed out.

Other Email News/Commentary Subscriptions

The Other Email News and Commentary Subscriptions

Now I’ll list several other email subscriptions I’ve been trying out, but admittedly, they are the first I’ll skip when time or life gets in the way. Some of these will eventually go away from my email inbox.

Pocket Hits: I’ve been a fan of the Pocket (save for later) app for years and find many interesting reads in their daily Pocket Hits email. I love that I can often click the ‘Save To Pocket’ link to save an article to my list to read (or listen to) later.

Reuters Daily Briefing: You already know Reuters. It’s known as the world’s
largest international multimedia news provider. Reuters has many newsletters you can subscribe to, but there’s only so much time to read. You’re getting top mainstream news and events in a briefing-style format with Reuters Daily Briefing.

WIRED Daily: Wired has a variety of newsletters. WIRED Daily is a quick email that links to their top Wired articles on many topics. This is another email I scan. If something catches my eye, I click. If not – delete it.

Libs of TikTok on Substack: The Libs of TicTok wasn’t on my radar until the mainstream started slamming their Twitter account, which was suspended but is back up now, for being an Anti-Woke, Anti-LGBTQ+ Hate Machine. If the mainstream news hated her, I figured there must be something worth reading.

Oh, and don’t forget I’m on Substack as Next Step Survival and The Opinion Blog.

Honorable Mentions

Honorable Mentions

I subscribe to many Substacks and emails worth mentioning but didn’t make my ‘recommendation’ cut. Those are:

Bonus Addition:

Hillsdale College: Just because I’m convinced Hillsdale College is going against the woke grain and offering a decent education based on Freedom and Liberty for our future generations. I even donated a little today, but that’s not an ad or plea, just something I felt moved to do.

RIP Project Veritas – because you’re dead to me now.

Pardon Me While I Stand On My Pulpit For A Minute.

It seems that we’ve lost our sources of truthful news and reporting, but honestly, we never had it.

While Jews starved in ghettos and concentration camps, watched their family members perish and were stripped of their humanity, they wondered where the world was. The press remained largely indifferent and the reluctance of editors of major outlets to report widely and consistently on these horrors contributed to consequences that the world will never forget. Newspapers and radio news broadcasts failed to fulfill their part in educating the American public about the horrific crimes committed by the Germans.

Adam Milstein | The Jerusalem Post – The Grave Danger of Media Bias

Today’s bias is just amplified, accelerated, and blatant.

There’s a danger in following one side of any topic that puts us into information bubbles and makes us vulnerable to “partisan coverage filtering.” I encourage everyone to apply a healthy dose of informed skepticism to ALL news, including the sources I have listed.

Following a mixture of perspectives is important when gathering information. That said, getting obsessed with any of it is also a danger. Balance!

Mainstream News: Neither legacy media nor alternative news can clean the biased and agenda-driven reporting we’re inundated with from every direction. The definition of journalism has shifted to a mix of reporting, grandstanding, and propaganda, helping shift every other aspect of public opinion and a lack of trust.

Alternative News: Many preppers have gravitated to alternative news to escape the blatantly biased news from mainstream media. The danger of alternative news is that much of it is just as agenda-driven, riddled with whataboutism, scapegoating, and fearmongering.

The most important news for preppers to follow is your local news.

Local News: Understanding local news and events can be the best factor for guarding against a potential threat, whether it’s legislation, scheduled events, weather, or local emergencies. The method you use to consume local news is a personal preference (e.g., TV, radio, podcast, Twitter, website, app, or news aggravator).

Social Media: Social media was supposed to fix the lack of truth, accuracy, and accountability that we were getting from traditional media. That didn’t quite happen. Social media has amplified the bias by mastering manipulation through gatekeeping, censorship, and groupthink.

Social Media – Governments commonly push social media platforms to act as gatekeepers to delete, block, demote or flag messages that are perceived as problematic. Social media firms commonly publish guidelines for content and act as gatekeepers in interpreting and applying this policy.

Simplicable – Examples of Gatekeeping

We’re dealing with the most powerful form of fascism a free state has ever endured.

Fascism ~ Cambridge Dictionary

fascism, noun [ U ] POLITICS (also Fascism)

a political system based on a very powerful leader, state control, and being extremely proud of country and race, and in which political opposition is not allowed.

“Fascism should more properly be called corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power.”

Benito Mussolini

We ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

AI: Wait until AI (Artificial intelligence) takes hold of controlling and manipulating public opinion.

The era of AI will have long-term consequences, starting early with public and private education.

AI will make social media’s current algorithms and their ability to disseminate digital and computational propaganda look like child’s play.

Wrapping Up Email News Options: The News I Follow VIA Email

I’ve listed email news options I’m currently reading. Those options will change as I add more and delete many. Still, it’s a small sample of what’s out there. The number of email news options is almost limitless. The key is to find balance. Balance what we read and how much time we put into it.

Have email news options to add? Feel free to leave it/them in the comment section.

Call To Action / Next Step

If you missed it, see How To Stop Falling For Agenda-Driven News Reporting – Finding Reliable News Sources.

Next StepWe’ve Learned What The True Threats Are. Now What?

Tyranny is not possible without ignorance.
Hawkins Out.

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