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In this short video, I review my on-person Everyday Carry (EDC). I’ve given a lot of thought and attention to my EDC (Every day carry), both on-person and my EDC kits. I feel I’m pretty much dialed in for my needs right now. I will continue to upgrade and adjust as needed.

Older Every Day Carry Items
Older every day carry Items. Not a lot of change over the years.

Initially, this would be the beginning section of my Every Day Carry Pack video (Coming next week), but once it ran over the 15-minute range, I decided to make it a separate video.

This might seem like a lot to carry for many people, but this has been my on-person everyday carry for many years. It’s what works for me in my situation and daily routine. Your EDC may look very different. This video is to share what I carry daily and offer some ideas.

Every Day Carry Items Shown

Every Day Carry Items

I’ll list my everyday carry (on-person) items, along with links where available, below:

Note: Every Amazon link is an affiliate/paid link. I won’t include the (Aff) identifier on all those links for this article.

A Quick Note On ‘Gray Man’ Or Blending In

Where I live, especially where I work, tactical doesn’t stand out much. It’s nothing to see black, green, camo tactical-looking clothing and packs. Many of my co-workers still fit into their military fatigues and wear those daily.

Other People's Tactical Packs
A couple of co-workers were nice enough to allow their packs to be included here.

If you’re concerned about standing out, for the most part, I think this topic is blown out of proportion within our community; dress appropriately for your location and occupation. If I sat at a desk or inside an office, I might dress differently.

That list was crazy long, but nothing compared to my EDC pack coming next week. Yes, I’m scared. It will be a huge undertaking gathering and listing all of those links, but you are worth the trouble.

Call To Action / Next Step

Next StepVideo – My EDC Bag – A Look Inside – 2020 (Will Be Updated Next Week)

Stay safe. Stay prepared.
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