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Fifty Signs You Might Be A Prepper…

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I thought it would be fun to run down the list of things, from the top of my head, we do that might out us as preppers. Whether we know we’re a prepper or not.

In a recently recorded video, I just did with a couple of prepping buddies, we considered the idea of Homestead-Esque things we could do as preppers without attempting the 100% self-reliant, off-grid living on a hundred-acre type situation. That got my creative side going.

I wanted to jump into the New Year, 2023, with a lighthearted article. No, I didn’t stay up late last night partying. I stayed up late writing another article, “Ten Steps To Preparedness For Non-Preppers,” which stands at 3,250 words long, as of now. I wanted a little more fun for New Year’s Day. 😉 I’ll publish the big educational article in a day or two. In the meantime,

Fifty Signs You Might Be A Prepper…

You Might Be A Prepper…

  1. if you have water stored in bottles, pails, or drums – you might be a prepper.
  2. if you consider home canning a common sense necessity – you might be a prepper.
  3. If you can handle most home fixes yourself.
  4. not only do you not worry about a power outage, but you also look forward to checking your generator setup – you might be a prepper.
  5. when you have a gun for every season and count your rounds by the thousand – you might be a prepper.
  6. your medical preps are so extensive the local clinic keeps you in mind when their supplies are low.
  7. when you run low on something important, you always buy at least one extra because you know the value of having extra – you might be a prepper.
  8. when you spend more time preserving the food from your garden than growing it.
  9. when you realize you have enough spare parts for your home, cars, and equipment, that finding a way to store it all becomes the biggest challenge.
  10. when you realize your backups have backups.
  11. if you get suspicious whenever someone asks you anything as simple as, “Where do you live?”
  12. when family or friends often ask, “Why do you need so much (fill in the blank)?”
  13. when you have specific items, you carry on your person every day and you’re pretty sure others don’t.
  14. if you have gear that you still need to learn how to use.
  15. when you can cook from scratch far better than anything you can buy at the store.
  16. when you have alternative cooking methods, just in case the power goes out.
  17. if you keep a spare, jumper cables, and other emergency gear in your car, just in case.
  18. when you have a box, bag, or pack of stuff you think you might need if you have to leave your home in a hurry.
  19. If you step outside into your backyard almost every day during the summer to check on something, pick something, or feed and water it.
  20. when your backups begin to earn a place of their own in your home.
  21. if you have so much stuff, you start thinking about how to hide it from others.
  22. if you’ve ever been sitting there watching TV and picturing where you could place the solar walkway lamps inside your living room when the lights go out.
  23. if you start planning next year’s garden before you’ve harvested what you’ve already grown.
  24. if you have a workable AM/FM radio for emergencies.
  25. if you’ve ever looked into replacing the grass in your lawn with something edible.
  26. if there’s a pail or basket within reach of your back door.
  27. if you can raddle off ten things that you can use a mason jar for right off the top of your head.
  28. if there’s something pickling, dehydrating, or fermenting in your home on any given day.
  29. if your compost goes into your bin, not the city’s truck.
  30. if you make your own apple cider vinegar and use it religiously.
  31. if you can’t throw away a piece of wood, rope, fence, or large container.
  32. if you’d rather learn to make your own cheese or how to forage than spend the evening at the movies and dining out.
  33. when every social media app shows you a bunch of food preservation and dog videos because that’s all you watch.
  34. when you’ve spent more time thinking about how to dispose of human waste than what would be considered normal, should the sewage go out.
  35. if your first thoughts upon entering a strange room are where are the exits and where’s my best shooting position – you might be a prepper.
  36. when you have eighteen different pairs of glasses and always carry a spare, – you might be a prepper.
  37. when you start looking for a gas station once your tank gets close to the half-full mark.
  38. when you never leave the house without an emergency method of wiping your butt, – you might be a prepper.
  39. if you give survival gear out as gifts, – you might be a prepper.
  40. if your idea of a good night out involves a tent or hammock.
  41. if you can catch a fish without a pole.
  42. if you have three ways to start a fire in your pocket right now, – you might be a prepper.
  43. if you think of emergencies as degrees of SHTF, – you might be a prepper.
  44. if you have the material to sew up a shirt, canvas tent, or a slice in your arm, – you might be a prepper.
  45. if you know a dozen different ways to preserve a tomato, – you might be a prepper.
  46. if you have a flashlight and a headlamp in every pack and vehicle, you are a prepper.
  47. when you know crayons and Doritos are better as candles than their intended uses.
  48. when your kids have known how to build Dakota Fire since they were eight years old.
  49. your dress pants are khaki tactical, you might be a prepper.
  50. when every shirt and jacket you own are sized specifically to hide your concealed carry, well, you just might be a prepper.

I hope you’re enjoying this special lifestyle as much as I am. Happy New Year, Brian

Brian Hawkins

Father, grandfather, Veteran, animal lover, law-abiding taxpayer, homeowner, trucker, and a United States Citizen. Oh, and I'm also a prepper, survivalist, responsible gun owner, and hiker.

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