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The Most Forgotten Prepper Task

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The Forgotten Prepper Task is Jeff’s second guest blog post. He’s going to remind us of the one thing busy preppers most often forget. And it’s about as important a prep as we can do. I’m guilty of this missed prep as well. Can you guess what it is?

The Forgotten Prepper Task is for the newest prepper to the most seasoned prepper. If you are here, you have entered the Prepper sphere, so welcome!

Your situation?

You have all five apocalypse rifles, a thousand rounds for each one, one years’ worth of beans and rice for a family of 5 piled so high in the garage you can’t park your lifted SUV inside it.

Great, you’re almost prepped.

I know there are other aspects to prepping, but you get the point. You got all the stuff!

What cost did you pay? Not in dollars, euros, pesos but in actual cost?

Relationship costs.

Have you lost friends, family, or others because you put prepping at the top of your priority?

Did you push people away because they were not into prepping?

By the time you read this article, it might be one of the most essential things in life, but that depends on what information trough you are feeding on.

While the world seems to be having a “few” issues, preppers break things down to an individual level.

We still have to live our lives! We still get up in the morning and get the kids ready for whatever school version. We still get ourselves prepared for work. We eat lunch, we come home and eat dinner and debrief with the family.

Then we head out for whatever sport the kids are in and the grocery store because you forgot that one thing. Then you hop in your favorite chair and watch TV for more useless brain damage.

This is where you need to make the most crucial decision in your prepping mentality.

Don’t forget to live your life!

Enjoy the little things in life, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.

The sky isn’t really falling.

TEOTWAWKI probably won’t happen tomorrow. So be careful not to burn too many bridges. Yes, it’s best to declutter your basement or garage, but not necessarily your friends!

Sure, you can plan to eliminate them when SHTF, but for now, they are your friends.

SHTF has so many aspects that you can spin the dial on a twister board and still not cover them all.

Jeff B – Should Be A Famous Quote

OPSEC ((Operational Security)) Your Friends In The Face

Prepping can be done on an expert level, and never raise an eyebrow to your friends.

You can always buy extra food and put it aside. You can always buy the gear and keep it in the basement. You can always justify to friends that you need additional gas for the mower or generator. You can always justify storing additional water.

Do you know what you can’t justify? For example, telling your family, you are out of food in a disaster or you don’t have a plan!

Jeff B

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