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Funny Prepper Toilet Talk 不

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Come on! Just saying, Prepper Toilet Talk is funny.

Who says preppers are always doom and gloom, thinking about human extinction all day long while we dig our bunkers? We can be funny too but normal people just don’t get our jokes.

A few minutes ago I got a text from a prepper buddy I just had to share. I crack myself up sometimes.

Image - Funny Prepper Toilet Talk

Where Will You Poop When The SHTF?

I’d love to know what your plans are for the other end of your prepper pantry – if ya know what I mean. And how do you dispose of it?

See ya, Brian

Formatted below just so Google can see it.

Prepper Buddy: I got 2 [Camping toilets] for $28. No more 5 gallon buckets for me

Me: Nice. Now you can use your old toilet for beans and rice. 不

Prepper Buddy: Will need a different lid.

Pinterest Image - Funny Prepper Toilet Talk
Funny Prepper Toilet Talk

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