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Video – My EDC Bag – A Look Inside – 2020

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This is a short video showing what I carry with me every day in my EDC Bag. My EDC pack is geared to help me get home as well as what I might need during the day so I call it my EDC/Get-Home Bag.

While sitting in my truck waiting on a customer I decided to record a short impulse video on my EDC Bag. I grabbed my EDC bag / get-home pack and started recording.

Ear Bud Warning

Before listening to the video, I want to mention that I used my cell phone without an external mic. There may be audio spikes if you’re using headphones so keep that in mind. Ripping velcro flaps and tossing items up on my dash came through pretty loud.

EDC Bag / Get Home Bag 2020 – What’s Inside?

I go over my particular circumstance in the video but I do want to mention that what I carry inside my EDC Bag and on my person is a personal choice I made for my situation.

We all need to carry the things we feel are important for us and our goals. In other words, I hope you’ll use the video for ideas but your everyday situation is certainly different so you may want more, less, or different items.

Links To Some Of The Gear I Carry In My EDC Bag

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I’d love to hear what you carry inside your EDC pack in the comments below.

Stay safe. Stay prepared.
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