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National Preparedness Month 2021 – Choose From Over 75 Steps To Take

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In this article, I list over 75 different steps you can take to move your preparedness to the next level to celebrate National Preparedness Month 2021.

Let’s look at how we can really hit National Preparedness Month 2021 hard and see what steps WE can take.

September is officially the United State’s National Preparedness Month 2021. It’s true, officially recognized, ratified, and proclamified (Yes, I just coined a new word, stop judging) by the crooks running everything into the ground.

Let’s take advantage of the few times they get something right. It’s never been a better time to become more prepared.

What Is National Preparedness Month 2021

National Preparedness Month started seventeen years ago and is officially sponsored by FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) and DHS (Department of Homeland Security).

Since September 11, 2001, the US Government has taken steps to encourage all citizens to make their own survival preparations. September was chosen as National Preparedness Month, as the tragedies of September 11, 2001 highlighted to the nation the importance of being prepared.

Wikipedia – National Preparedness Month

There’s actually a lot of good information available on Ready.gov. It’s worth a look, but I’m betting most of Next Step Survival’s visitors are ahead of the average citizen when it comes to prepping and preparedness.

Let’s Get Going

Rather than boring you with details, I want to make this a concise post on taking action during National Preparedness Month 2021 – All of September.

A Simple Plan For National Preparedness Month 2021

Image - Ready.gov Preparedness Schedule
Ready.gov Graphic – National Preparedness Month Weekly Themes And Campaign

The graphic above is from Ready.gov for National Preparedness Month promoting weekly themes.

First of all, I actually like the way Ready dot gov has outlined a preparedness schedule. However, I think it might need an adjustment for most seasoned preppers, so let’s see what we can come up with.

You Are Different – So Are Your Steps Needed Toward Better Preparedness

Since we all have different situations, degrees of responsibility, and levels of preparedness, our National Preparedness Month 2021 steps will vary.

Image - Your Steps Toward Better Preparedness
Our Graphic Focusing On A “Fill In The Blank / Pick And Choose” Method

Pick And Choose Strategy For National Preparedness Month 2021

The “Pick & Choose” strategy sounds appropriate to make the best of our September preparedness effort.

So how about I list a bunch of potential steps to take, you add some of your own, and we run with our preparedness plan and see how far we can get by the end of the month?

πŸ“„ Note: These preparedness steps are just me spitballing from the top of my head. They’re in no particular order. Pick whatever you want to use or think up something entirely different.

Just don’t make it too complicated.

  1. Make a plan.
  2. Do a detailed inventory of your preps.
  3. Double the amount of protein in your pantry.
  4. Take a first aid class.
  5. Hit the range for a week.
  6. Add a new method of communication.
  7. Setup alternate ways to gather news and information.
  8. Obtain your H.A.M. license.
  9. Work on OPSEC and your digital fingerprint.
  10. Increase your level of home security.
  11. Build an emergency binder.
  12. Design and build a device charging station.
  13. Set up a solar system.
  14. Research/investigate your closest neigbors.
  15. Put together and test a car inverter backup system.
  16. Start an indoor garden.
  17. Make “In Case Of Emergency” and critical care cards for family members.
  18. Evaluate your property, auto, health, and life insurance.
  19. Take a step toward better investing.
  20. Finally buy some crypto.
  21. Put a working flashlight in every room.
  22. Go through your bugout and get-home packs.
  23. Develop a sustainable plan toward a debt-free life.
  24. Begin a daily exercise program.
  25. Winterize your cars and home.
  26. Locate three solid bugout locations, e.g., hotel, friend’s house, cabin.
  27. Upgrade your first aid kits.
  28. Go over your car kits.
  29. Set up a help/emergency code word for family members
  30. Start a safe fuel rotation system.
  31. Set up an off-grid backup heating method.
  32. Make a physical (non-digital) emergency contact list.
  33. Get dental work up to date.
  34. Secure extra medications and vitamins.
  35. Write a will so others can survive.
  36. Secure spare glasses, teeth, contacts, etc.
  37. Spend an overnight out in the woods.
  38. Turn off the power for a weekend.
  39. Build and/or improve your get-home pack.
  40. Upgrade your EDC.
  41. Eat from your preps for a week.
  42. Increase your freshwater backup supply.
  43. Find off-grid options to replace power tools and appliances.
  44. Have and rotate a month’s supply of food for each of your animals.
  45. Go hunting or fishing.
  46. Have a waterless sanitation plan setup.
  47. Reinforce your door and window locks.
  48. Have a home water filtration system.
  49. Have emergency cash-secured both at home and on your person.
  50. Check your car spare tires and jacks.
  51. Add more smoke/CO2 detectors and fire extinguishers.
  52. Improve your perimeter, e.g., cameras, motion detectors, motion lights, fencing, natural barriers, etc.
  53. Build an emergency toilet.
  54. Build a safe room.
  55. Add another method of off-grid cooking.
  56. Get some livestock.
  57. Automate your garden irrigation.
  58. Set up a rainwater catchment system.
  59. Plant some edible perennials.
  60. Plant fruit trees.
  61. Learn where your local watersheds, lakes, rivers, ponds, streams, and other water resources are.
  62. Check/replace batteries in all of your packs and kits e.g., radios, flashlights, headlamps, etc.
  63. Check and charge all USB devices, portable chargers and power banks.
  64. Conduct a fire and evacuation drill.
  65. Locate and participate in a local preparedness event/function.
  66. Learn the right ways to sharpen knives and tools.
  67. Do something nice for your favorate long-gun like buying it a nice scope, sling, or light.
  68. Learn to swim.
  69. Start a regular fitness program.
  70. Eat healthier. Look into a Keto lifestyle or a low-carb diet.
  71. Practice situational awareness everywhere you go.
  72. Build a trauma kit for each of your cars and bug-out bag.
  73. Learn your local area, e.g., where are the nearest chemical plants, nuclear power plants, water treatment plants, etc.
  74. Locate your home’s emergency shutoffs – gas, electric, and water.
  75. Store beans and/rice in buckets and mylar bags.
  76. Locate and record local food storage and warehouse facilities near you.

Learn A Skill. Here are a few ideas:

Learn To:

  1. Forage
  2. Home can
  3. Dehydrate
  4. Make bread from scratch
  5. Ferment vegetables
  6. Make homemade vinegar
  7. Make soap
  8. Pick locks
  9. Tie different knots
  10. Start a fire using different methods

Take Action On National Preparedness Month 2021

There is no harm in hoping for the best as long as you are prepared for the worst.
Stephen King, Different Seasons

I believe we should be moving forward in our preparedness level year-round but after the last year and a half we’ve just experienced, National Preparedness Month 2021 seems like the perfect time to kick things up a notch.

One last thing – I want this list to motivate and inspire. Please don’t allow it to overwhelm you. Take a couple of items that make sense for your situation and run with it. Then try to keep that momentum up.

Help Others See The Logic In Preparing For Emergencies

An official National Preparedness Month might legitimize the idea of prepping to those you care about that have been reluctant in the past.

Unfortunately, I haven’t seen a lot of mainstream news even mentioning National Preparedness Month. Outside of our little circles, few people are going to even be aware it exists.

We don’t want to be the person that everyone ignores because we seem obsessed over the idea of forcing something down people’s throats but, a gentle reminder every now and then might save lives one day.

Below, I put together a short copy&paste (Click to highlight) note to help you get started if that is something you decide to do. You can copy it, edit it to your liking, then email, post to social media, print it, whatever you feel appropriate.

Your Thoughts?

It would be awesome if you could drop other potential preparedness steps in the comment section below.

Thank you and now let’s get to work. Things look like they might get worse before they get better, That’s not fearmongering, just an observation.

Call To Action / Next Step

Next Step: Building YOUR Realistic Preparedness Action Plan.

Stay safe. Stay prepared.
Hawkins Out.

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  1. Mandy

    Great list, Brian! I’m saving this and will work my way down it one by one.

    1. Brian Hawkins

      Thanks, Mandy. That’s a lot of list there. I hope you don’t let it overwhelm you. I’m glad you’re working on it, though. I believe it’s as important as ever right now. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  2. Cindy

    Excellent list, Brian. Thank you! You’ve given me some ideas of things to do and fine tune.

    1. Brian Hawkins

      Thanks, Cindy, I’m glad you found it helpful and I appreciate you letting me know. πŸ™‚

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