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Next Step Survival Is On Substack

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Just a quick announcement – I’m moving the Next Step Survival email list, and if you want to continue (Or start) hearing from me via email, you’ll need to subscribe.

I’m also moving the email list for my personal blog, which I rebranded last year, to The Opinion Blog to Substack.

Here’s the link to subscribe to my Next Step Survival Substack.

Here’s the link to subscribe to my Opinion Blog Substack.

Why I’m moving the lists over to Substack

Simply put, I have too many cast iron skillets on the fire. I have multiple websites, email lists, and projects. I’m falling behind on this and several other websites I run, not to mention the research, emails, promotions, graphics, and social media that go with each.

Between you and me, it takes the better part of a day to create a single blog post. I won’t bore you with the details, but there’s a lot of work in writing an article and all that it involves. Where I can streamline the process just makes sense.

These new lists, on Substack, will merge the lists for my survival website and my opinion blog but only for the admin aspect. You can subscribe separately to each website by subscribing to one or both.

This move helps with publishing and should allow me to create new and better content for you. It should also make more of a community feel and save me money by eliminating the annual costs of maintaining two separate email lists.

What to expect on Substack

Yes, I will re-publish content from my blog, AND you will see content not published there. 🙂

My Substacks are a work in progress. The learning curve is challenging for an old dog like me, but I’m getting there.

Is the content still free?

As of now, I’m making all of my content available for free. I might start a paid version with exclusive content at some point, but that’s out in the future if it ever happens. Truthfully, I write and create content because I enjoy it and earn very little for it. That’s okay. I make a decent living from my day job, and income has never been a motivating factor. Marketers and professionals are cringing at that admission.

With that said, I don’t hate money, and someday I might get too sick, old, or angry to keep pushing a rig around the city.

What Is Substack?

Substack is a relatively new method of communication for people from every walk of life and has grown very popular. It allows publishers to provide free and paid subscriptions for the content they write and/or record.

Subtack could replace my website, email list, podcast (If I had one), and YouTube. It could but won’t. I think it’s essential to maintain a separate online space without adding more control by third-party websites.

Substack’s simplicity lends to its breakneck growth and popularity. Subscribing is simple; your desired content can be consumed via email or the Substack page.

Bottom Line: I’m sunsetting my traditional email list and inviting you to my Substack/s. Don’t worry, I won’t have time to overwhelm you, and you can always unsubscribe at any time.

Here’s the link to subscribe to my Next Step Survival Substack.
Here’s the link to subscribe to my Opinion Blog Substack.

Final Note: Before you subscribe to my opinion blog Substack, please note that it is very different content than I provide on this blog, Next Step Survival. The Opinion Blog is my opinion on various topics based on my interests outside of prepping and survival. It’s personal. It’s political. It’s funny. It’s sometimes offensive. It’s often one-sided. It IS NOT a news site, but I often comment on news topics. If you’re easily offended (On my opinion site, I’d say triggered), please don’t subscribe to that list. Stick to the subscription for Next Step Survival.

I hope to see you there, Brian

Brian Hawkins

Father, grandfather, Veteran, animal lover, law-abiding taxpayer, homeowner, trucker, and a United States Citizen. Oh, and I'm also a prepper, survivalist, responsible gun owner, and hiker.

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