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Cooking From The Pantry – Off-Grid Coffee On A Weber Grill – Video

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Let’s make some off-grid coffee using a french press and a charcoal grill. I’m happy to record another video for our Off-Grid Cooking From The Pantry Series – video number four. It’s only coffee, but hey, that’s a lifesaver for many of us.

Oh, and this is my best coffee. I use the french press every weekend. It’s something I look forward to, power or no power.

Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

What Can We Learn From Making Off-Grid Coffee

The idea behind cooking meals using only stored food from our prepper pantry is something we’ve been doing weekly for over a year. Only recently did I start recording them.

I decided to make them off-grid style just to make things a little more interesting for the series. What’s more interesting, coffee from our kitchen or off-grid coffee on a Weber grill? It’s been pretty fun so far – and informative.

We learn not only different off-grid methods of cooking, we learn what foods to store. We find holes in our pantries as well as discover things that may not have been necessary.

Cooking from our prepper pantry also helps with food rotation. The entire process has been an extremely valuable experiance.

Okay, let’s make some off-grid coffee on the front porch with our charcoal Weber grill. Life is so good.

Here’s my affiliate link to the French PressI used. Thank you for your support.

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Next Step: How To Start A Prepper Pantry – Updated w/ Video.

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