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The Prepper’s Dream Kit – A Portable Bugout Power Setup

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The Prepper’s Bugout Power Dream Kit is just a prepper dream session of sorts. It’s the ultimate $10,000 portable bugout power kit that would be adored in any prepper’s bugout ride. Sometimes it’s cool to just sit back and dream a little.

I was pointed to an article by a fellow prepper buddy, thanks DopeyDoc, on The Verge, titled EcoFlow Delta Pro Battery Review: Maximum Solar Power For An Uncertain World, which talks about portable and backup power products by a company called EcoFlow.

These products by EcoFlow are high-end and pretty expensive in my world. Not completely out of reach with a little work and planning, if it was high enough on the prepper priority list. Which it’s not, for me, but I love to look at stuff like this.

This is just a prepper’s dream piece.

The $10,000 EcoFlow Portable Power Bug-Out Setup

Image - A Prepper's Dream Kit

Picture this: You have a tacticool raised Jeep that could dominate the surface of the moon if there was a bridge to it. Stored in that tiny cargo area, or better yet in a matching utility trailer, you have the Portable Bugout Power setup.

You have several solar panels that can be mounted to the roof rack, powering a battery bank, as well as a second backup battery. No sun? No problem. You have a smart dual-fuel inverter generator punching out more than enough juice to keep your lights and gear charged and powered up, all while it keeps those batteries topped off.

Who needs the stinkin’ grid on the moon? You can bugout to parts of God’s country that only the Eagles see.

Back To Reality

Alright, let’s get back to reality and out of Fortune City. Wait, it might be a reality, right? It’s real stuff and available. Let’s take a deeper dive. The article that spurred this prepper dream fest – A Portable Bugout Power Setup, was on the EcoFlow DELTA Pro Portable Power Station so I’ll start there.

It’s a cool piece of gear. (I didn’t say ‘piece of kit’ so, you’re welcome) The whole setup would be like the bugout gold standard, and it wraps around this battery power pack. Perfect for RVing, camping, or anything on the go because it’s so portable.

The DELTA Pro has a 3.6kWh capacity and can be expanded all the way to 25kWh. That’s some serious juice. If you’re a detail geek, you might enjoy this teardown video on YouTube.

One of the cool things about the main battery (EcoFlow DELTA Pro Portable Power Station) is that you can charge it up at any of the thousands of EV stations that are going up all over the world.

I never considered that the electric vehicle (EV) charging stations going up everywhere would be a source for charging portable batteries but it makes sense.

How Many Coins Is This Portable Bugout Power Setup Going To Set Me Back?

Notice the pricing I used is rounded off to easy-to-add figures? (All prices were accurate within a grand at the time of this article).

I come up with a total of around $10,000 for the prepper’s backup power dream kit.

The whole setup is a nice chunk of change. Say $3,500 for the battery (EcoFlow DELTA Pro Portable Power Station), $2,500 for a few solar panels, $1,500 for the EcoFlow Smart Generator (Dual Fuel), and we may as well get the expansion battery for another $2,500.

Add Another $3K For Home Hookup And Portable Air?

We may as well get the house hookup and buy the Smart Home Panel for just $1,500. If we’re in the south, or just hate the heat, we can toss in the very cool (get it?) EcoFlow Wave Portable Air Conditioner for another $1,500.

Now we’re up to $13K. My cellphone will be charged for life.

Is It Worth The Money?

My old business mentor used to say, your product is worth every bit of what people are willing to pay. Not a penny more or a penny less. So, yes, these are expensive products but worth the money for sure.

That’s not really the question I’d be asking. I think the better question is,

Should I buy ten grand of portable power just for a bugout solution?

Personally, unless I was really into something like RVing or off-grid adventures, I’d stick with something that offers more bang for the buck like a whole house generator and solar setup.

Now if I could justify the purchase because I’d actually use it on a regular bases, I’d think more seriously about it.

The great news is that we’re slap-dab at the beginning of this technology, and the prices are sure to go down while even improving. In fact, another prepper buddy, thank you JRW, pointed out that the Bluetti product line has similar products at a lower price per KW-HR of battery storage.

For me, as I mentioned, if I had $10K lying around waiting to be converted into a preparedness prep, I’d look at a whole-house standby generator. Then, as far as power goes, I’d look at a large solar setup to supplement that prep. Sure, it’s not portable but neither are these old bones of mine. I plan on sitting tight for most SHTF situations and blogging about it in real-time.

Wrapping Up With Some Great Advice

I’ll put this away for now and end with a quote from yet another prepper buddy, yes, I have a lot of prepping friends thanks to Todd. Wow, did I just drop four names in a single article?

Anyway, This prepper, Lee, is also a HAM operator and somewhat of an expert when it comes to electronics. I believe he practically lives in his shop, building and tinkering with things that most of us wouldn’t understand.

Here’s Lee’s Advice

EcoGlow builds good gear but I’d look at Bluetti or Anker power stations because they use LiFePO4 type batteries that can be cycled for years more than other Lithium chemistries. Anker’s flagship power station is the 757.

If you want to build your own look at Signature Solar for batteries.

Lee From Ca

Now would ya look at that, my prepper’s dream piece turned into a decent resource after all. Thank you to everyone that contributed.

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Stay safe. Stay prepared.
Hawkins Out.

Note: I have no affiliation whatsoever with EcoFlow or any of the other brands mentioned in this article. This IS NOT a promotional piece. I’m not using affiliate (Although it looks like I could have via Shareasale) or sponsored links and I am not being paid, money or products, for this article. Unless one of them wants to send something my way, I wouldn’t refuse. 😉 This is also NOT a review post since I haven’t been within miles (probably) of any of these products.

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Pinterest Image -  A Portable Bugout Power Setup

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