Predictions For 2024

Predictions For 2024 — What Not To Prepare For In ’24

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Everyone’s doing predictions for 2024, so now I get to go.

Here Are My Predictions For 2024:

Prediction Disclosure: None of my predictions have ever come true.

If my predictions for 2024 are right, you can stop all levels of preparedness right now. If they aren’t, I suggest you double down on all prepping, protection, wealth, and health. You decide.


I predict the economy will drastically improve, inflation will drop, the housing market and interest rates will return to pre-Biden levels, investments will sore, and the dollar will reign supreme worldwide. The printing of money will stop, and the national budget will be balanced by law.


A fair flat tax will go into effect.

See: A Fair Tax Rate —
The Fairest Way For The Government To Steal Your Money


Oil and natural gas will be available for every American at record-low prices.

Gas will drop to $1.60/gal national average.

The United States will regain its oil independence once again. Drill baby, drill!


Public education will no longer be used as an indoctrination tool for the left or right.

At least 50% of the future curriculum will involve life skills aimed at preparing our children for a fulfilling life.

Children will learn to: Eat healthy (lots of meat), cook, work with tools, run a budget, earn a good living, invest for the future, help the community, prepare for emergencies, and learn rational decision-making skills.

Twisted ideologies and woke indoctrination will be removed in 2024. Religion (All) will be welcomed and encouraged.

The Border & Illegal Immigration

We’ll opt out of all war roles and make illegal immigration illegal.

Illegals will be sent home before the free ride stops, and they suddenly realize disruption, protests, and violence works. Thanks Jeff B.

The Nation’s borders will be permanently closed in 2024. All foreign access will be vetted. Immigrant applications will go through a rigorous and thorough background check. Every applicant will be properly vetted.

California will be recognized as a foreign agent and forced to become a Canadian province.

The southern border wall will wrap along the outside border of California. Citizens of the Canadian province of California will be required to undergo the same application process as every other immigrant. Their radical and woke nonsense will be contained in 2024.

Land Ownership

Beginning this year, only American citizens and American companies will be allowed to purchase land. Outside companies and non-citizens must rent or lease land from American landowners.

Property rights become absolute. The law and legal system’s rights become very limited within one’s land – owned or rented.

Silly local ordinances restricting firearms, livestock, gardens, and water collection restrictions are removed from the books.

The War Machine

Russia and China will respect us, and the Middle East will fear us.

The United States will no longer manipulate other countries for politics, war profiteers, or advancing the military–industrial complex.

The US Military will instantly opt out of all international police roles.

Social Media Giants And AI

Social media billionaires will retreat to their multi-million dollar bunkers to hide from the public that gets fed up with their privacy violations and influence manipulations.

AI will be our friend and never hurt us.

Woke Nonsense

Woke will become the opposite of sleep again. Everyone will finally agree there are only two sexes, one race (human), and children cannot make adult decisions.

A male born with a penis will compete in male sports, and females born with girl parts will compete in female sports. Common sense and ethics will once again become the norm.

Mental illness will be approached as such with caring and medically sound treatment. Treating mental illness as a right, skipping the diagnosis, and insisting everyone move to Never Never Land will end in 2024.

Climate Change

The term “climate change” will only refer to how one packs their go bags for the different seasons.

Climate change will no longer be used as a scare tactic to push a dangerous agenda used for profit while tearing apart the economy.

Just as global warming turned to climate change, the new term will become ‘climate cycles‘ to prepare for in ’24.


Christians will become accepted as legitimate members of the human race and respected by all.

All religions that don’t condone violence against other perspectives, genders (Women), children, groups, or individuals will become accepted and respected.

Government And Parties

Both left and right will finally realize the Constitution is all that matters, and the government will opt out of every other aspect of our lives.

Politicians’ and bureaucrats’ pay will be based on their productivity. Decisions will be swift and effective because lobbyists and corporate money will become a thing of the past.

Any politician who profits and becomes a millionaire on the backs of the taxpayer will be jailed for life.

Law And Order Predictions For 2024

Overzealous and crooked prosecutors and judges will be removed and banned at the first sign of using the legal system for political gain, leverage, or favor.

Protests will no longer be labeled insurrection, and politics will play no role in law and order.

Any judge or prosecutor that puts punishment above the Constitution will be removed.

Elections And Voting Predictions For 2024

Voting will be fair and conducted on an even playing field without corruption.

Free Speech

Free speech will become absolute. Period!

Gun Rights

The Second Amendment will be embraced so widely that adults are encouraged to carry.

Federal, State, and local government officials that so much as suggest a restriction against the Second Amendment (Or any part of the US Constitution) will be swiftly put out of office for breach of oath.

Media Reporting

The media will become unbiased and, along with the government, will respect everyone’s privacy.

All media profit, both legacy and social media, will move to a value-for-value business model. To eliminate outside influence and control, all outside advertising will stop.

Due to the value-for-value business model, real investigation will return. The copy-paste plagiarized subscription method of getting “stories” will end.

Big Pharma And Big Ag Predictions For 2024

Big pharma will be held liable for every death they’ve caused and injustice they’ve committed.

Big Pharma and Big Ag will lose control of the media narrative and invest money into safe research – not into media control, profit, and guinea pig recruitment.

Every patent on seeds will be revoked, and poison will not be allowed near our food supply.

Unproven safe food will be removed from the shelves, and animals will be treated with dignity.

No government official, employee, organization, entity, or committee will be allowed to profit from health care or vaccinations of any kind.

Anthony Fauci will apologize for his assault against humanity as he’s led away in handcuffs in 2024.

Wrapping Up My Predictions For 2024

I have much more to say, but my head feels funny. Hey, did someone give me the clot shot or something?

A special thank you: This dribble was derived from and inspired by my prepping buddies on the Ready Your Future Exclusive Email Group.

Next StepPrepare your Get-Home Pack (Video) in case I’m full of 💩, and stuff does happen.

Stay safe. Stay prepared.
Hawkins Out.

Predictions For 2024

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