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Cooking From The Pantry – One-Pot Sloppy Joe With Rice – Video

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In less than 20 minutes, I put together a meal in our garage. That’s right, I went off-grid style again, using a camp stove to make a sloppy joe mix with ground beef, Manwich, and home-canned mushrooms. Of course, I also made a video as well. 🙂

Video: Off-Grid One-Pot Sloppy Joe Ground Beef and Rice – Cooking From The Pantry

Off-Grid Cooking From The Pantry: Making Sloppy Joe With Rice – Show Notes

*Serving Size: Half a pot for two people? I made WAY too much.
*Calories: Probably a lot. High carbs too. 😛

🍵 One-Pot Sloppy Joe With Ground Beef & Rice Ingredients:

Instructions: First, learn how to cook Minute Rice. I boiled it, strained it, and put it back in the pot. Apparently, I was supposed to boil it and let it sit to soak up the water for five minutes. Then why isn’t it called 5-minute rice?

After making the rice, put everything in a pot and heat it up. Then put it on a paper plate and eat it.

Why Cook In The Garage?

These off-grid cooking exercises from our pantry exercises help:

  • Find holes in our preps.
  • Learn new recipes
  • Learn alternate methods of cooking
  • Find what foods I need to buy and store
  • We learn to store what we eat, eat what we store
  • We get a better understanding on how long our food preps will last.
  • It helps us rotate our prepper pantry food

The Off-Grid Cooking Stove

The off-grid cooking stove I used to make this One-Pot Sloppy Joe With Rice was The Gas One Butane or Propane Portable Gas Stove.

At first, I was mad at my new one-burner camp stove because a loose spring and clip were in the box. It fell off from somewhere.

But I was super impressed by the stove’s performance. It boiled the water way faster than I thought it could.

The flame was very clean. By that, I mean the Camp Chef two-burner stove I used to cook my Chicken Noodle Soup On My Front Porch left a lot of dirty carbon on the bottom of the pot. The Gas One Butane or Propane Portable Gas Stove was no different than using any other kitchen gas stove.

Wrapping Up Another Cooking From The Pantry Off-Grid Style Video & Post

I hope you get a little enjoyment and inspiration from these videos and try a little off-grid cooking yourself.

Cooking from our pantry for over a year now has been invaluable as far as learning what to store, how to prepare it, and building confidence in our preps.

Thanks for watching,
Hawkins Out.

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