Ready to take another step toward self-reliance? Let’s walk together.

I’ve moved our list to Substack, and it’s growing. You can see the announcement and reasons here.

The Next Step Survival Substack

The Next Step Survival Substack IS NOT an advertising portal or a sponsored list in any way. If I find a product I believe is worthy, I may send a link, but that is not the list’s purpose.

You can expect posts, steps, and content for survival, including prepping, food storage, survival gear, current events that may affect our livelihood, etc.

I’ll avoid politics beyond what’s happening and how it might affect us. I save the political commentary for my opinion blog at I have a separate Substack for my opinion blog. I want to stay with self-reliance and survival topics here on Next Step Survival.

Stay safe. Stay prepared.
Hawkins, out.