Survival Podcasts I Listen To

Survival Podcasts I Listen To

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A short list of my favorite survival podcasts that I listen to. There are others, I’ve tried many, but time is at a premium right now. I’m down to just three podcasts in my catcher app that is set to auto-download.

I’ve also listed four other survival podcasts I listen to when I have time and if the episode looks promising.

Several of the podcasts have stopped recording episodes, so I removed those from the list.

Before I list the survival podcasts, I should explain that I’m using the term “Survival Podcasts” lightly. These are podcasts in my podcast app listed under my “survival podcast” category.

The rest are simply there for me to choose from if I run out of content. That rarely happens since I’m also an Audible junkie as well. 😉

My Top Survival Podcasts That I Never Miss

Listed in the same order as the app, not by importance.

Ready Your Future Podcast by Todd Sepulveda

Ready Your Future Podcast

The Siege of New Hampshire by Mic Roland

The Siege of New Hampshire Podcast

The Survival Podcast by Jack Spirko

The Survival Podcast

Other Survival Podcasts I Listen To

Even though I’ve drastically reduced the time I listen to podcasts, I still frequently open up interesting podcasts from my subscriptions. I am subscribed to the following survival podcasts but don’t have them set for automatic download. When I see an exciting episode and have the time, I download it. Here’s that list:

Survivalist Prepper

Casual Preppers Podcast

Casual Preppers Podcast


Mind4Survival Podcast

Survival Medicine

Survival Medicine

I hope this list of survival podcasts helps. I know there are others. Some I’ve tried but didn’t like, many others stopped podcasting altogether, and others I won’t know about until you tell me. Feel free to do so in the comments below.

Stay focused with a clear plan and objective.
Brian Hawkins, out.

This article first appeared on Next Step Survival.

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Father, grandfather, Veteran, animal lover, law-abiding taxpayer, homeowner, trucker, and a United States Citizen. Oh, and I'm also a prepper, survivalist, responsible gun owner, and hiker.

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    1. Brian Hawkins

      Thank you Todd, and my pleasure. I get a bunch of information and inspiration from both your podcast and links on Prepper Website.

  1. Brian Duff

    Awesome Post Brian! Great job on your blog.

  2. Erin

    Thanks for the list! I will be expanding mine.

  3. Jeff B

    See I knew you were normal. Thats pretty much my list too.

    1. Brian Hawkins

      Good deal, Jeff. And I’ll forgive you for calling me normal. 😉

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