Camping Overnight With Tac-Bar – My Prepper Contest Submission
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Camping Overnight With Tac-Bar – My Prepper Contest Submission

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I’ve been using Tac-Bar for a while now, way before this contest. I love the product and the entire concept so I jumped on the chance to enter their $2,500 Prepper Contest. Embedded is my submission video I used to enter.

In the video, I tried to demonstrate some of the possible survival uses for the Tac-Bar Ammo Can System.

The Ammo Can contain 5 emergency food ration bars (2,500 calories each), water purification tablets, and a survival tin. The original Tac-Bar Ammo Can I had didn’t come with the survival tin and Aaron from Tac-Bar was nice enough to send my one.

The Survival Tin includes:

☑ A stainless multi-tool
☑ An emergency blanket (that I actually used last weekend on a different overnight hike)
☑ Button compass
☑ Fishing line
☑ Fish hooks, sinkers, and a fish lure
☑ Two razor blades
☑ Magnesium steel fire starter with ferro-rod
☑ Hurricane matches
☑ Small emergency candle

In the video I used the ammo can itself as a bear bag to hang my food overnight. I also used it as a bucket to collect lake water for my morning coffee.

Then I used the muti-tool to feather a small piece of wood to start a fire. Then I used the magnesium steel fire starter and matches to start the fire.

Truthfully, I have several hours of video and had to edit the majority of the footage, obviously. I was disappointed that I I lost several other use demonstrations due to the audio quality. I was trying to use a digital recorder to record the audio separately and that didn’t work. Live and learn, I’ve since set-up a clip mic for my Go Pro camera.

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