Reallocating Funds For Prepping

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In this article, Reallocating Funds For Prepping, I will touch on an essential (And tedious) aspect of prepping – our finances and tightening our budget so we have more for preparedness.

I won’t get into the political and corporate tyranny that has us on this path. I have a personal blog for topics like that.

I’m not going to give you 101 ways to save money. The internet is full of great resources like that. Using dollar stores, stretching a bag of flour, buying generic brands, eating at home, shopping in discount grocery stores, etc. I’ve been cutting my own hair for years, but that’s not what I want for this article.

This article is more like a personal message with examples to help get your ideas flowing—typical Brian oversharing.

I will focus on saving more and spending less as a prepper. Almost everything the average Jane or Joe can do to clean up their finances works for preppers. The one glaring difference is what we consider essential. Our priorities are a little different when it comes to certain expenses.


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