Supply Chain Disruptions. All You Need To Know.

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I’m going to take my trucker genius and my prepper mindset and help you understand what’s going on with our supply chain disruptions and what we need to do about it.

Everyone’s hearing about the global supply chain disruptions but few people understand exactly what that means or why it’s happening. This article will help you make sense of the supply chain shortages and what’s causing them.

In this article, I’m going to share my opinion. It’s an op-ed, not my regular type of post here on Next Step Survival but it is a survival topic. I’m not an expert but I feel like I’m just as Smaut as them folks with that label.

Expect to be enlightened!


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The Most Forgotten Prepper Task

The Forgotten Prepper Task is Jeff’s second guest blog post. He’s going to remind us of the one thing busy preppers most often forget. And it’s about as important a prep as we can do. I’m guilty of this missed prep as well. Can you guess what it is?


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MAG Leadership – Managing Your MAG (Mutual Assistance Group)

In this article, Jeff B. offers spot-on advice on the leadership required for setting up a MAG (Mutual Assistance Group).

I want to welcome Jeff to Next Step Survival and thank him for being a contributing author. I’ve known Jeff for about a year and a half within a prepper group we belong to, and he has earned respect from all of us in the group.


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Can We Have Privacy In 2021? You’re Joking, Right?

The "influence" of big tech, and by influence I mean control, is probably one of the biggest survival topics we'll face in our lifetimes.

I titled this piece Privacy in 2021 but we're facing a monster that has the power to tear society to pieces over the next few years.

I don't want to chase you away before you even begin reading but just know this is a HUGE survival topic. And you're about to understand why in the next 14 minutes.

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Looking Too Tactical – Is It Really That Dangerous?

This is a common theme among the survival community – If you look too tactical, people are going to know you have the gear, food, knowledge… whatever the current topic of discussion. And they’re going to come and take it.

Is looking too tactical really a thing?

Is there really a serious danger to looking too tactical? Is going Gray Man THAT important?

Let’s break it down…


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