Survival Podcasts I Listen To

Update 04/04/2020: Several of the podcasts have stopped recording episodes so I removed those from the list. I’ve also cut down on the number of podcasts I listen to but still listen daily.

Last week Brian Duff of Mind4Survival asked a pool question on his Facebook group, “Regarding podcasts in general, how do you listen to them“?

My answer was, “Pocket Casts on Android. 16 podcast subscriptions I never miss.”

Another member of the group, Ben W., asked what are those 16 podcasts. I thought that would make a nice blog post topic so here we are. Thanks Ben. 🙂


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Your Bugout Food Kit – How To Plan For Bug-Out Survival

A persons gotta eat, right? Are you packing enough bugout food and water in your bag? The right food?

Whether it a bug-out bag, 72-hour pack, get-home bag, get out of dodge bag, INCH (I’m never coming home) bag, whatever – your food needs to be accessible, lightweight, shelf-stable, portable, and provide the nutrients and calories to get you to your destination.


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What’s In My Get Home / SHTF EDC Bag? 2016

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Do you carry an EDC Bag? One thing that is in continuous change for every survivalist and prepper I know is our EDC (Everyday Carry). What we carry everyday changes with the seasons, our locations, our budget, our tasks at hand, and honestly, our moods. Hell, I’ll even admit mine can change drastically just by the latest toy, Umm, I mean gear I just bought.

Hey, there’s a more recent version of my EDC Bag if you want to see it:
My EDC Bag / Get Home Bag 2020


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