What's inside my vehicle EDC can save lives.

What’s In My Vehicle EDC – Everyday Carry Survival Gear – 2016 w/ Video

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This video shows exactly what I carry in the back of my pick-up, my vehicle EDC (Everyday Carry), for everyday use as well as potential survival situations.

A quick note about my vehicle EDC

I have several forms of EDC that are set up for various situations.

First, I have the EDC that I carry on my person. This includes my handgun, wallet, pocket knife, Flashlight, etc.

Second, I always carry my EDC Bag. My EDC Bag is a small tote (sometimes it’s a small backpack) that literally goes everywhere with me whenever I leave the house. Even if I just go to the gas station, this is the first thing I grab. In fact, my keys are kept attached to this bag when I’m at home. You can see the video of my EDC Bag here.

Next, I have my 72-hour pack. This, along with my EDC Bag, goes with me whenever I travel more than 20 miles from home. My 72-hour pack has extensive survival gear and is designed to get me by for 3+ days, whether in a vehicle or not.

Now, we have my vehicle EDC. That’s what this post/video shows. This is the EDC I carry in my truck bed toolbox. I also have EDC that I carry in my work truck but I’ll cover that at a later date.

What’s inside my Vehicle EDC?

The things I keep inside my pickup truck are a mix of both common tools, breakdown tools, daily gear, and emergency gear, and a tiny bit of survival gear.

Some of the items found in my Vehicle EDC include:

  • Tool bag with basic and essential car repair tools.
  • Fire extinguisher.
  • First aid kit.
  • Emergency supply of food.
  • Bottled water.
  • Fluids for my vehicle (oil, antifreeze, power steering fluid, etc.).
  • Blanket and tarps.
  • Straps and tie-downs.
  • Spare backpack.

Final note on vehicle / car EDC

The gear I carry in my car and pickup are determined by what I carry as other forms of EDC, the seasons here in Michigan, how far I’m traveling, and where I go. The contents of my EDC continuously change.

Everyone will require different gear, based on their specific situations.

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