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Vehicle Survival Gear / 2021 Car Emergency Kit – Video

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I check and update my vehicle survival gear kit twice a year, and I try to shoot a video of it once a year. Since I’m bringing you along for the ride, I’ll show you exactly what I carry for my 2021 vehicle survival gear.

Updating my vehicle survival gear means checking batteries, replacing food and water, and making sure everything’s still in working order and that I’m not missing anything.

Video: My Vehicle Survival Gear (Car Emergency Survival Kit – Vehicle EDC 2021)

Your Vehicle Survival Gear Is A Personal Choice

I mentioned most of this in the video, but it bears mentioning it again.

What you carry, whether on your person, your vehicle survival gear, EDC bag, whatever, is a personal choice. Only you can decide what is best for you and your situation.

I’m carrying what I believe I may need for an emergency or SHTF event and what I use from time to time on an impulse hike.

I don’t get a lot of time anymore for a hiking trip, so when I come across an opportunity to hit the trail for a couple of hours, I like to have the gear available.

Why not just keep the hiking gear in a separate pack, and why show it in the vehicle survival gear video?

Two reasons; The hiking/camping equipment can be a valuable asset in certain survival situations, plus a second pack adds to the risk of me not bringing it along or it getting stolen.

Something Else To Keep In Mind

I’m a blogger, gear reviewer, and YouTuber. I’m always trying new things and products. While this gives you the benefit of my testing before I recommend anything, it also causes me to carry more than I need.

For example, do I really need three forms of water filtration? Four methods if you take into account I can boil water. Plus, I didn’t even show you my water purification tablets. Is all of that necessary?

Absolutely not. I’d be happy with one filter and a way to boil water. As a blogger and YouTuber, I’m always looking for that opportunity to grab a quick Instagram image or a quick video. I carry the gear that helps that creative content creation happen.

Like I already mentioned, all of the survival gear I show are options to consider but you probably should carry all of it.

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What’s Inside My survival gear car kit

I’ll add links to as many items I have in my survival gear car kit as I can, and as the video questions start coming in, I’ll update the links as often as I can.

Remember, as an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases and I appreciate your support.

Mentioned In The Video:

Video – What’s Inside My EDC Bag? My EDC Bag – A Look Inside – 2020

Stay focused and take the next step.
Brian Hawkins, out.

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